Cyrano’s Nose

A great nose may be an index, of a great soul.  – Cyrano de Bergerac

I have to say, the phrase “Cyrano’s nose” tickles me to no end despite the odd reiteration in how it’s spoken. Cyra-nose, nose. It is an allegory. It contains symbolism and allegory all seeped in humor and heartbreak. Cyrano’s nose means many different things depending on how you approach the matter (carefully, you know because of the nose).

It is the physical embodiment of Cyrano’s self-imposed limitations.

It is his fatal flaw.

It is the vital spark that fuels Cyrano’s brand of defiance.

It is society judging us all for our outward appearance.

A nose sniffs things out and finds things. So what better nose for this than Cyrano’s?