Disclaimer – Where the Author Disclaims Things


Maybe this site will just be me rambling madly at the wall, if I’m lucky maybe a few Auri-worthy word pairings will stumble off my fingers. Either way, I plan on running this blog in the manner of a benevolent dictator, but the kind of benevolent dictator who has studiously absorbed the Machiavellian teachings of Peter Anspach’s Evil Overlord List.

Meddling is one of my greatest failings as a writer in that I am constantly tweaking the things I have previously written. It is something I am consciously trying to work on, though I dare say this kind of outlandish goal setting is like a well-meaning therapist telling Monk to hug everyone he meets. It’s just not going to happen overnight.

In summation, I reserve the right to tweak and meddle with anything I have written no matter how long ago I may have written it.

Also, I needed an excuse to refer to myself as an Evil Overlord.


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