Under Construction


Do websites even say this anymore?  Under Construction.? Do blogs? Am I being terribly old fashioned? I suppose that’s allowable in a blog whose nom de guerre is named after the nose of a man who lived in the 1600’s.

As for the site. I have to say that WordPress is great -except when its not. It’s free. There’s that. I suppose I shouldn’t rue the fact that the free themes all have flaws. They are probably designed that way, the business-modeling bastages.  That’s fine. I shant count the teeth of a gift horse and all that. Still at some point in the next month or so, should all be going well, I will simply upgrade to the Premium account or purchase my own domain and install WordPress on it. Either way allows the blogger much more ability to decide how information gets presented.

Moving on and accepting some flaws is good for me. Not everything needs to be perfect. That is after all one of the cardinal allegories we take away from the sites namesake. Everything and everyone is flawed. The trick is to not allow that to be a handicap. So for now, I will simply try to do the same. I have to accept the fact that the site will not be the sole exception to this rule.

Moving forward, one spur-jangling boot step at a time.


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