Where the Author Gets Blocked By His Favorite Author and Then Unblocked

Okay, the last failing of mine I’m going to readily admit to is my tendency to try too hard to show others how funny and witty I am. The more I admire you, the harder I try. The results sometimes aren’t pretty.

So that happened to me today.

The man I consider my favorite author blocked my Twitter account. I have to say, it felt like the proverbial kick to the stomach. It got hard to swallow and I could physically feel the blood drain from my face and I sat there briefly in a bit of a dissociative daze.

His books would be the ones I’d choose to bring on a long trip to Mars if someone was cruel enough to tell me I could only pick the works of one author. The only competition he’d have really is if I decided to play up to the meta-ness of the question and think about bringing someone that was supernaturally prolific…  or someone like Andy Weir… you know, because of the Mars thing.

So to this author I admire the most, I write something in the hopes he’d find it amusing, and instead he thinks I’m an ass and/or a troll. I shouldn’t name a blog after a nose, I should name it after a foot or a  mouth..  or maybe a disease.

Even in the midst of my disbelief, I knew that I’m neither of those things. This had to be a misunderstanding because I simply don’t go around trolling and insulting people for the fun of it. Unfortunately too many people on the internet go around abusing people’s benefit of the doubt for the fun of it.

So thanks for that trolls.

None the less, it was with a bit of trepidation, I log on my alternate twitter account (I’ve got an account for NFL musings) and send him an @reply stating in 140 characters or less that my comments were entirely intended to be a compliment, not an insult.

He responds back in a 140 characters or less and unblocks me.

My relief is palpable though I may never Tweet again.

All in all, what I’m going to take away from this is a lesson from E.B. White. Or was it T.S. Eliot? I know it was one of those authors with two periods in their name. Okay, the lesson. Simplicity.  I will make sure any future Tweets of mine are simple and direct.

I’ll lure them in with earnest simplicity.

And confound them with my wit. Later. Much later.


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