Nasa Responded to me the Other Day, So That’s Cool

As someone that has only recently begun to use Twitter, I’ve found that some of my favorite authors have been pretty approachable considering while others just don’t seem to be very receptive to a mildly clever or humorous observation.. unless it’s from a peer and in one case or two, I suspect preferably themselves. While there are certainly a number of things I’m not so good at, I do feel I’ve got a pretty good head on my shoulders for knowing when something is funny or clever.

What is working against me below is obscurity, but as both Mike Freeman (big time Trekkie) and the people at NSFVoyer know, Voyager 6 was the future (fictionalized) version of Nasa’s present day Voyager 1 and 2 . Voyager 6 gained Hal 9000 like self-awareness in Star Trek: the Motion Picture movie.

That @danger_zones is me. It’s the other Twitter account I use. I created it basically because most  authors, writers and fellow fans thereof are going to be put off by me talking sports and the NFL.

Well, except George RR Martin, but unfortunately for me (and him), he loathes the Patriots.. 😉

Mar 29

RT : Sister ship is 18 hrs 05 mins 46 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2015:088:120000:1L)>>warp drive failed

Mar 29

Checks to see if Voyager 6 is a thing yet: Hello @NASAVoyager6, can you hear me?

Mar 29

Alas, @NASAVoyager6 is, for now, unconnected to the Twitterverse.

Thank goodness for that…

I’ve got to say, even though its most likely this was some anonymous NASA intern who is being allowed to Tweet out on behalf of Nasa, having someone there get the joke and respond to it (even if it took them a month to do so) tickles me to no end.

So as now, there are still a few holdouts. Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi pretty much the last two. I’m sure both their Twitter feeds just fly by, but for whatever reason I haven’t managed to get either of them to acknowledge let alone respond to one of my Tweets. As much as I respect the Mel Brook’s theory of comedic timing (frequent and often), I do try to be polite and only respond to one or two of their Tweets every couple of days.

So while the following was neither funny nor clever, Scalzi did release an example of him singing. Something about a new career as an itinerant troubadour. Afterwards he Tweets that he is taking requests.

I respond with a: How about The Bear and the Maiden Fair?

Warning: do not listen unless you don’t mind having a song stuck in your head for days afterward) – )

Now I wasn’t expecting a gold star, it was just a request. It wasn’t clever or humorous. But of course I thought it would be hilarious to hear him sing it.

Nothing. Well, such is my non-relationship with Mr Scalzi.

But then… I start thinking. Scalzi is very much a vocal figure in the whole Hugo You Stepped on My Puppy Thing… as is George RR Martin.

Uh oh.

Did I just suggest something that came across as super snarky? Great. Didn’t I just insult another favorite author of mine a few days earlier? But yeah, knowing my luck in these things. I probably did. Still I’m very confused as to who identifies themselves with what Puppy Faction and who has said what to who and who hates who and why.

Now I suppose I could dig a little more into Puppy Drama and get a better idea of who aligns themselves where.

But meh, I’m not going to worry about it.

Nasa gets me.


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